Where Have I Been

A Great Disappearing Act?

I have not been performing for the past few years, and here is why.  Struggling with sever pain in my hips and legs for several years, I was finally diagnosed with a rare case of adult on-set Muscular Dystrophy.  MD usually strikes children by their mid teens, but there is a rare case that can strike adults later in life. There is no cure for this awful disease but at least now I know what I am dealing with.

Three months after that diagnosis, my breathing had gotten so bad I could hardly walk 10 feet.  I found out that 75% of my lungs had scared over leaving me only 25% of my lungs to breath with.  I was put on 24 hour supplemental oxygen. Specialists at U of M started to discuss a lung transplant with me! The doctor happened to find out that I had two doves that I used for my magic shows.  He told me to get rid of the doves due to a sickness called “bird handlers disease” which could have been the problem. The doctor wasn’t sure if I had this desease or even how to cure it.

Fast forward to 2017. My lungs have gotten a little better.  I now have 43% usage and no longer need supplemental oxygen 24 hours a day.  God is good!  Even though my MD will never improve, and I no longer have doves in my magic shows, I am able to start performing again!