Gospel Magic?

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Is it right for a Christian to do magic?

First let me stress to you that I DO NOT DO “MAGIC“!  I perform puzzles for the mind and the eyes.  It is unfortunate that the art of “sleight of hand”, or, “misdirection”, is referred to as MAGIC.  I make it perfectly clear at the beginning of every show that what I am doing is nothing more than a trick on your eyes.  In no way do I use, condone, or affiliate what I do with witchcraft, sorcery, or wizardry. I do not believe in astrology, Ouija boards or fortune telling.

What does the Bible say?

When the Bible refers to “magic” or “magicians” it is translated from the Hebrew word “char tom“, defined as, “a man who pretends to have supernatural powers, which he has obtained by the study of an occult science or the practice of a black art in conjunction with evil spirits...” .

It is also translated from the Greek word “pharmakos”, defined as, “a sorcerer, especially one who used drugs, potions, spells, enchantments…”. We get our modern English word pharmacy from this word.

Both definitions of these words go on to state that these men pretended to have super natural powers.  Let me say again, I make it clear in every show that I do not have any type of powers.

In My Shows

I use my illusions or “magic tricks” as a way to acquire and captivate the attention of the people to whom I am performing.  Once I have done this, then I clearly proclaim the word of God directly from the Bible.  I believe in earning the right to be heard. I am only using my talents as a way to entertain and illustrate the message I am trying to get across.  The same way a singer uses their talents to entertain while delivering a message.

Please reserve your judgment until you have witnessed first hand what I do.

My intent is only to proclaim God’s love for us while entertaining at the same time. I in no way promote or condone “black magic” or “supernatural powers”.

– Randy Craven


Below is the link to an article take from Focus on the Family’s web site titled,
“Is a Christian Illusionist Really a Wicked Magician?”
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