Christian Shows

Captivating Performance with a Life Changing Message!

In every show, Randy is quick to point out that everything he does is just an illusion.  “I do tricks, only God does miracles.”  During the fast paced, energy filled program, Randy shares the message of God’s redeeming love and illustrates it with fascinating, thrilling sleight of hand.  The audiences attention is completely on the message that is easily understood by people of all ages.  “Earning the right to be heard”, Randy reaches the audience with amazing illusions along with laughter, fun, and excitement. The ultimate goal being to change lives by sharing God’s message.

The unfortunate reality is not all “Christian Magicians” are genuine.  Involved in many magician organizations and clubs, Randy has had opportunity to overhear several magicians brag how easy it is to do a gospel magic show, “mention Jesus a few times, say a couple of bible verses, maybe relate a trick to a bible story and you’re good“.  Please be careful whom you choose for your entertainer.  Ask questions or ask for their testimony.  Randy is a born again Christian and has been a follower of Jesus for most of his life. He believes the Bible is the written word of God. And the only way to spend eternity in heaven is through God’s Son, Jesus Christ.


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