Show Information

Award Winning Gospel Magician, Christian Illusionist

Randy Craven is a Magician performing for all types of events, secular and gospel, including birthday parties, school assemblies and church programs.  In all types of venues from small parlor type shows to walk around to stage shows, the audience is surprised and astonished by what they experience.  Over the past 20 years, Randy has had the opportunity to perform for thousands of people around the Michigan Ohio Indiana area.  Every show, even though it may be the same type of event, is different.  Randy currently has more than 15 different shows so that when he returns to your facility year after year, your audience will not see the same thing.

Some shows are longer, some are shorter, some require us to provide a sound system and so on.  For that reason, it is impossible for us to list a price for a show.  We need to discuss your event with you and find out all the details to quote you a price.

Some of the types of events that Randy has performed

  •  Upward Banquets
  •  AWANA Clubs
  •  Birthday Parties
  •  Youth Rallies
  •  Sunday School Kickoffs
  •  Vacation Bible School
  •  Summer Camps
  •  Harvest Parties (Halloween alternatives)
  •  School Assemblies
  •  Libraries
  •  Mission Conferences
  •  Sweetheart Banquets
  •  Mother Daughter Banquets

Birthday Parties          Christian Shows           School Shows          Stage Shows

All shows are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  If you are unhappy for any reason then you owe nothing. Truly, this is a no risk endeavor on your part.  I have always had this guarantee, but in more than 20 years of performing not a single person has complained or asked for their money back.